New Market Integration

  • Engaging with local communities in new markets
  • Analyzing the environmental, economic, and social impact of new market expansion
  • Indexing community health and happiness using our proprietary model

Corporate Social Auditing

  • Assessing performance on key CSR metrics
  • Generating actionable plans for improving social accountability
  • Developing bespoke CSR models
  • Aligning short-, medium-, and long-term corporate strategy with institutional CSR goals

Corporate Community Engagement

  • Identifying local organizations and programs in need of corporate investment
  • Adapting ISO standards for CSR (ISO 26000) into practical, community-oriented strategy

Adherence to Sustainable Development

  • Aligning business practices with national and international sustainable development goals
  • Developing solutions for long-term corporate investment in poverty reduction, gender equality, and education
  • Realizing an actionable corporate pollution-prevention plan that adheres to international goals